Chalk Walk

Where the sidewalk ends …and your imagination begins!

Saturday, July 18th 

Downtown Los Alamos 10am to 1pm

The Los Alamos Arts Council will host the third annual Sec Sandoval Chalk Walk, a festival and celebration of chalk drawing, the artistic process and, of course, all the local, creative, talented individuals who make Los Alamos an unusual and quietly exotic place to call home. Join us for a celebration of art and community in downtown Los Alamos in collaboration with ScienceFest.  Special prizes will be awarded to an entrant in each category selected by the judges. This is definitely an event for all ages, and aspiring chalk-artists are encouraged to apply as individuals, a group or family. Professional artists are also invited to share their talent. Each square will be “rented” for $5.00. Here is your application turn in at the LA Arts Council Office or Register the day of the event beginning at 10 a.m. Drawings should be completed by 12:30 p.m., at which point artists will surrender their finished squares to the viewing public and the whims of the sky.  The transient life of a chalk artwork is part of its charm. It doesn’t endure. You can’t see it next year. You have a chance to appreciate it during its fleeting existence, and never again.

While Chalk Walk entries will be judged and prizes will be doled out, the festival is more about appreciating the artistic process than the perfection of the final product. The chalk festival is for anyone who can hold a piece of chalk.

If you haven’t yet seen chalk art, google “chalk art” and see images of what other people do at other festivals. Get inspired, join us and enjoy the art!

Get your application for the Chalk Walk  HERE or pick one up at the Arts Council office.  It will also be possible to fill them out the morning of the event.

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