Dear Members and Former Members

Hello Members and Former Members of Los Alamos Arts Council,

Los Alamos Arts Council is evolving!
We are no longer going to send out our Quarterly Newsletter via the US Postal Service, simply because it costs too much, and because most of our Members have functioning email. If you do not wish the delivery of the Newsletter in this manner, we can still send you a First Class letter. Just let me know. But, we are sending out a monthly newsletter supplement, by email. PLEASE update your  email address with us. If you are not getting emails from us, almost every month, please inquire by telephone (505 663 0477) or email to

Also, we can no longer notifying Members that their membership dues are due. We hope that you will keep your Membership up to date by sending in dues at the appropriate time to maintain your membership. Eventually, we are going to move to a due date that is annual, on the same date for everyone. This will streamline our accounting and will be better remembered by our Members. Expect this adjustment in July of 2018 (our fiscal year).

If your Membership has expired, please renew now. A Membership application is available here, and we still only accept paper (checks and cash) for dues payment (sorry) but hope to go to electronic payments of Membership dues by July 2018.

As always, you may comment about any of our policies or programs by email or telephone. I always welcome a chat with any of our Members, former or current!

Your Executive Director,
Patrick Neher