January is Chilly but Warm

Crazy, hunh?! How can January be chilly and warm at the same time? Well, we are having just that, weather-wise, here in Los Alamos. Lovely warm day times, perfect for hiking, and chilly cold nights where you just want to snuggle in-front of a warm pile of chocolate chip cookies! It’s also a great time for painters and composers to huddle before their muse’s media and be creative. So, since we at the Arts Council support creativity, we are not offering any public presentations during January, so that all the artists out there can re-coupe, regroup, recreate, and even vacation. January and the New Year is a time for rejuvenation. We will have plenty of time to display our wares in 2018!

Look for new displays at the Fuller Lodge Art Center; new Brown Bag concerts in the Lodge’s main performance hall, the Pajarito Room; new endeavors for the Arts Council including “12 Minutes Max, Los Alamos” a currated performing arts show; perhaps some theatrical and dance adventures. Look for Missoula Children’s Theatre, the Kite Festival, new crazy stuff at ScienceFest, and a music lecture series (the Rosalie Heller Memorial Lecture in Music) in September. It’ll be a busy 2018, you can be sure! Keep in touch with us, come to our programs and presentations, and get involved with the Arts Council by becoming a member. We’re here for you…See ya soon!