2018 Spring Arts Fair Regulations for Artists

  1. This is a Juried Fair. The Los Alamos Arts Council reserves the right to reject any artist/vendor based upon the jury’s recommendation and at its own discretion. Artistic quality, uniqueness, and sales potential are some considerations. All items sold at this Fair must be created and produced by the exhibitor(s), and must be original creations. No resale of goods is allowed!
  2. A maximum of 3 different product lines will be permitted.(example: wool socks, wool scarves, silk nightgowns)
  3. All artists must submit 4 digital images of the product(s) and 1 of the booth setup (5 total jpeg photos). Your (the artist’s) name must appear on all files/submissions (label all photos with your name).
    After you read these regulations, click here to submit photos.
  4. Artists are not required to be residents of New Mexico, though Northern New Mexico residents will get priority.
  5. Car license number and description must be provided on the registration. This information will be used for parking enforcement (if needed) at Fairs.
  6. Registration is online only (after reading all, link to registration page) Booths are 10 x 10 feet and are assigned after registration and acceptance. Booth assignments are not negotiable except in rare circumstance. No electricity is provided. Early registration or previous Fair participation may not guarantee a spot. No registrations received by telephone or by mail will be acknowledged. Vacancies or cancellations are filled from a waiting list. Registrations must be received at least two weeks prior to the Fair (so, by April 21, 2018 – time stamp on forms submission)
  • Other considerations:
    ~ Ceramics created from commercial green-ware are not permitted. Molds must be the artist’s own design, or a significantly altered blank that reflects unique creativity.
    ~ Jewelers are permitted sale of completed work only. No resale of jewelry findings, etc. will be allowed. No factory made, machine stamped, pre-cast or reworked jewelry will be permitted. All work including any beaded product must be the jeweler’s own design.
    ~ Food vendors are required by law to have a New Mexico food Purveyors Permit Number on the registration and must be exhibited in the booth. No food or drink may be sold without this permit or without the permission of the Fair Committee. No food or drink may be sold from any artist’s booth other than if the booth is specifically for food and is approved by the Fair Jury.
    ~ Medicinal products or products for “medicinal use” are not allowed
    ~ Artists must furnish all equipment for booth(s), including displays, tables, chairs, and canopy.
    ~ Exhibitors are responsible for collecting and paying New Mexico gross receipts tax.
    ~ There will be no refunds of registration/booth fees to any artist that has been accepted to the Fair and does not display (does not show up). There will be no refunds in the case of inclement weather.