I’m Excited About…

March will be Fair-Weathered and Exciting!  (I predict!)

On March 7th we will present Kim Bakkum and Claire Detels in their Los Alamos debut ! (sort of) at the Brown Bag Performance, 12:00pm at Fuller Lodge. They are going to perform music of women composers, like Clara Schumann! I’m sure the music and these charismatic performers will brighten your day!

Then on March 22, I am SUPER EXCITED about the Master Class and Concert that the Apple Hill String Quartet will be presenting. They were in Los Alamos many years ago, to rave reviews, and we are especially lucky that they will be here in March. This Quartet has performed at major concert halls around the country and in numerous locations around the world. They are super-great educators, charismatic performers, and overall really nice people. Please see our page for them. Come to these events and be prepared to be impressed (I’d say “blown away!” but I don’t want to encourage nasty March weather)!

As always, our events are sponsored by our Members, donors, and the County of Los Alamos. As a non-profit organization, we really count on YOUR SUPPORT to provide arts programs for the community. Please, contribute time or money, to keep the events viable and the community strong.