Missoula Children’s Theatre


Way to Go, Kids!

Saturday’s (August 12, 2017) performance was Awesome!

Missoula Children’s Theatre production of Aladdin is sponsored by the Los Alamos Arts Council and is funded by Los Alamos Arts Council Members, New Mexico Children’s Foundation, Los Alamos County, and community partners.
Donations to Los Alamos Arts Council are gleefully accepted, and are tax deductible by law.
LAAC is a 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation, public charity and educational organization.
Please contact our office directly to sponsor MCT’s production of Alladin or any of our programs: 505-663-0477

If you want a copy of any of these pictures, and you were a participant, please contact LAAC directly (phone or email) and simply ask!

Pictures from the rehearsals 

Pictures from the Performance: