The Rosalie Heller Annual Memorial Lecture

Rosalie Heller

The inaugural presentation of The Rosalie Heller Annual Memorial Lecture will be Saturday, September 22, 2018, 7:30pm at Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos, NM. Admission, free.

Bill McGlaughlin, lecturer, September 22, 2018
Bill McGlaughlin

Our inaugural speaker will be Bill McGlaughlin, of Exploring Music fame! Bill plans to celebrate the 100th year of Leonard Bernstein‘s birth (1918) with a multi-media presentation entitled, Remembering Lenny. It will be exciting, we guarantee!

Patrick Neher and Leon Heller
Patrick Neher & Leon Heller
Kay Newnam
Kay Newnam

On August 26th (3:30pm at Fuller Lodge, free) an inspirational, exciting, and educational recital and lecture will be presented as a prelude to the Sept 22 event by Kay Newnam, violinist, and Jacquelyn Helin, pianist. These virtuoso musicians will present the music of Stravinsky and Pergolesi. A short lecture connecting these composer’s music will be presented by Patrick Neher.